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YouTube Video of Rapid Ride Buses

How Different is Rapid Transit from the Current Rapid Ride

Albuquerque currently has 'rapid ride buses'. The rapid transit buses are designed differently. Do rapid transit buses have more features? The rapid transit buses boast radio controllers, Wi-Fi, and security cameras. These are all installed on the current Rapid Ride buses. What are the differences? They are supposed to look more like trains and seem…
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Who are your neighbors affected by A.R.T.?

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Many of the businesses along Central Avenue have complained loudly after ABQ Transit released on January 22, 2016 its "updated" plans for A.R.T.  Many businesses noticed how A.R.T. proposed to drastically change the corridor -- reduced parking, median removal, one lane of traffic, trees destroyed, no bike paths. Many of those same businesses have continued to complain about A.R.T. and others have joined the cause of keeping the corridor accessible. CAV_7518HighlandCAV_7412CAV_7454CAV_7439CAV_7419CAV_7429