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Who are your neighbors affected by A.R.T.?

All of the businesses on Central Avenue stand to be affected by A.R.T.  Some believe the bus will bring new customers to their business.  The majority of businesses recognize that obstruction in the street will impair business.

People don't go shopping to an antique store on a bus.  People don't relax at a restaurant when they have to watch the clock so they don't miss the last bus home.  People don't rent a costume for an event to carry it home on a bus.  People don't buy a birthday cake to carry it home in a bus.  People don't shop for office supplies on a bus.

Cars have served a purpose in the U.S.  Especially in the West, cars are the principal way to get around.  As cars evolve based on market demands for fuel efficiency and environmental and safety concerns, cars will continue to be the best form of transportation for ABQ.

How is Cleveland doing after rapid transit?

Does a bus project really change a whole city?. Cleveland has lost significant population over the past 40 years. population heyday was between 1930 and 1960 when the population was between 876,050 to 914,808 people. Cleveland's population has steadily dropped since 2960. By the year 2000 Cleveland's population was 478,403. Bus rapid transit in Cleveland…
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Who are your neighbors affected by A.R.T.?

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Many of the businesses along Central Avenue have complained loudly after ABQ Transit released on January 22, 2016 its "updated" plans for A.R.T.  Many businesses noticed how A.R.T. proposed to drastically change the corridor -- reduced parking, median removal, one lane of traffic, trees destroyed, no bike paths. Many of those same businesses have continued to complain about A.R.T. and others have joined the cause of keeping the corridor accessible. CAV_7518HighlandCAV_7412CAV_7454CAV_7439CAV_7419CAV_7429

Historic Route 66

People have seen the importance of Route 66 in American life. Route 66 was named the "Mother Road" by John Steinbeck in his novel "The Grapes of Wrath". Route 66 is an icon worldwide standing for freedom.

Jack Kerouac immortalized his road trips in his famous "On the Road" in 1951. Learn More About Jack Kerouac

The road trip has been immortalized as a growing experience since Homer wrote the Odyssey. Sometimes to see your life, you have to get outside of your experience. Route 66 still offers the chance to see and learn about life. Why should ABQ erect a big barrier into this cross country icon? A.R.T. would become a barrier to the creative process.