Historic Route 66

People have seen the importance of Route 66 in American life. Route 66 was named the "Mother Road" by John Steinbeck in his novel "The Grapes of Wrath". Route 66 is an icon worldwide standing for freedom.

Jack Kerouac immortalized his road trips in his famous "On the Road" in 1951. Learn More About Jack Kerouac

The road trip has been immortalized as a growing experience since Homer wrote the Odyssey. Sometimes to see your life, you have to get outside of your experience. Route 66 still offers the chance to see and learn about life. Why should ABQ erect a big barrier into this cross country icon? A.R.T. would become a barrier to the creative process.

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Planners spread the fear that ABQ will lose its chance for Federal money.  Won't there be more federal projects in the future?  Based on past history the government will always come up with something new.

Why the concern about Route 66 history?

Route 66 may be the most famous roadway in the world, but why? Route 66 was completed in 1926. It begins in Springfield, Illinois and ends in Santa Monica, California. It is a world famous road, worshiped as a symbol of freedom. People come from Asian and Eastern European countries just to be able to…
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