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Albuquerque Ride currently has 24 Rapid Ride New Flyer DE60LF disesel-electric hybrid buses in its inventory: six 2009 Cummins - Allison, twelve 2004 Caterpillar - Alliso, and six 2006 Caterpillar - Allison. They all feature signal-priority system. Source: updated as of 13 May 2016, at 14:47. Albuquerque Ride claims "Rapid Ride has changed the face of public transportation in Albuquerque. ABQ RIDE's fleet of 24 60-foot articulated buses are used on three Rapid Ride routes - the Red Line and Green Line (Central Avenue) and the Blue Line (West Side to UNM)." Albuquerque Ride claims The buses are loaded with new technology, including:

  • An automatic announcement system to notify passengers when the next station is approaching
  • A global positioning system to aid in the transit applications that help passengers locate their bus in real time
  • The latest in security cameras and microphones for the safety of passengers and drivers
  • PLUS, the Rapid Ride experience has something to offer business people and college students alike. Rapid Ride passengers get free wireless Internet access. There are "hot spots" on each bus providing Internet access to all passengers. ┬áThis new technology will allow passengers with laptop computers to surf the Internet, check email, send reports to work, or chat with friends. Now, many people will find their commute time to be productive time.

Rapid Ride Red Line and Green Line routes operate seven days per week, and the Blue Line route operates six days a week (Mon.-Sat.). Source: as of June 2016

Albuquerque Ride claims all of the Rapid Ride buses are obsolete because they "all" have over 100 Thousand miles on them. Some sources say these engines are good for 1 Million miles. How could they be outdated at 100 Thousand miles?

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