I know what it is like to be steam rolled, bulldozed, piled on. I recognize this same pattern with Albuquerque's proposed A.R.T. project. Having served half a century ago on the House of Representatives Legislative Appropriation Committee I saw many big corporate interests merge with local and state government interests to have their say with projects. Big corporate interests like UNM, PNM, Presbyterian, the banks, and construction companies are major moneyed interests. For example, during the time I served in the New Mexico Legislature, I watched the razing of the Alvarado Hotel which was supposed to be a good idea. Albuquerque still suffers from the loss of this icon. The A.R.T. proponents not only have big money, they also have the interest of the wanna be governor "Berry Berry". As they say, money doesn't talk, it screams. And as usual -- full disclosure and transparency are smothered.

The financial Goliaths around the A.R.T. project stand to make a lot of money in the short term but will cause incredible economic damage to all of the wonderful small businesses along Route 66. Many of the Route 66 businesses will be forced into bankruptcy and displaced.

Albuquerque is truly a Breaking Bad city -- except for the high rollers. May Senator Heinrich, Udall, and members of the lower house cut the federal matching fund to zero.

Rick Edwards, A.R.T. opponent

I strongly oppose the $69 million dollar A.R.T. bus project grant for Albuquerque contained in the Transportation Department Budget. Federal and State lawsuits have been filed and it is anticipated that a "preliminary injunction" hearing will be held in the first weeks of July before Federal Judge Ken Gonzales. It is clear to me that the Berry Administration mislead the Federal Transportation Administration in its application for the grant saying the project would not be controversial. The City failed to secure environmental impact studies, and the bus design violates historical designation laws and ordinances. The City Administration insists ART will increase bus usage up and down Central Avenue. It will not. The overwhelming majority of the demographics it is targeting rely too much on their own vehicles to travel to and from work all over this entire city and a mere ten mile stretch of A.R.T. is not going to reduce people’s reliance on their vehicles. The truth is, the City already has spent millions on the “Rapid Ride” system up along Central which is just as effective if not more as A.R.T.. A.R.T. is an expensive and glorified version of Rapid Ride but with a dedicated lane and canopies down the center of central. A.R.T. will destroy all of the median improvements made in the ten mile stretch and eliminate street front parking. A.R.T. will destroy all the progress that has been made along Central with millions spent to destroy the medians. The A.R.T. project will destroy thriving businesses especially in the East Downtown (EDO) and Nob Hill areas. There are 150 businesses opposing the A.R.T. bus project along the Central within the 10 miles affected. The Berry Administration has described proposed mitigation efforts to lessen the impact of construction on businesses, including offering “bridge loans”, which are not at all compelling nor convincing. A.R.T. is not an economic development project as argued by the Berry Administration, but nothing more than a construction project with very short term economic benefits to the City.

Pete Dinelli, A.R.T. opponent


Anete Puga, A.R.T. opponent


Dayle Peters, A.R.T. opponent