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ABQ says look to Cleveland to see that economic growth will happen in ABQ if a BRT bus called "A.R.T." is built on Central Avenue. It seems Cleveland BRT came along when other projects were happening. On their website, Cleveland transit claims BRT led to: $62 million generated in local taxes $180 million invested by…
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How is Cleveland doing after rapid transit?

Does a bus project really change a whole city?. Cleveland has lost significant population over the past 40 years. population heyday was between 1930 and 1960 when the population was between 876,050 to 914,808 people. Cleveland's population has steadily dropped since 2960. By the year 2000 Cleveland's population was 478,403. Bus rapid transit in Cleveland…
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YouTube Video of Rapid Ride Buses

How Different is Rapid Transit from the Current Rapid Ride

Albuquerque currently has 'rapid ride buses'. The rapid transit buses are designed differently. Do rapid transit buses have more features? The rapid transit buses boast radio controllers, Wi-Fi, and security cameras. These are all installed on the current Rapid Ride buses. What are the differences? They are supposed to look more like trains and seem…
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