Monthly Archives: August 2016


ABQ says look to Cleveland to see that economic growth will happen in ABQ if a BRT bus called "A.R.T." is built on Central Avenue. It seems Cleveland BRT came along when other projects were happening. On their website, Cleveland transit claims BRT led to: $62 million generated in local taxes $180 million invested by…
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STOP A.R.T. Petition Needs Signatures

Volunteers are needed to help gather signatures on a voter initiated petition. This weekend is the beginning a concerted effort to attend events where the public can sign the petition and / or pick up petitions to circulate. Upcoming events are good places to take the petitions. Hosting an event at your neighborhood meeting place,…
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Not enough federal money to pay 80% of A.R.T.

The way it seems there was never enough federal money to pay for 80% of the A.R.T. project. It was claimed to cost $1M and the feds would pay $69M. That's only 69%. Then they said OOPS, the cost would be $119M, but the feds were still supposed to pay $69M. That's 58% the feds…
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