Show ABQ the Money

Planners claimed the A.R.T. project will be mostly paid for by the federal government. Fed pays 80%

When they applied for a FTA grant in August 2015, planners estimated A.R.T. was a $100 Million project. The FTA only recommended $69 Million for A.R.T. By early 2016 planners said A.R.T. was actually a $119 Million project. Read more

On March 21, 2016 ABQ City Council voted to accept federal money if it is offered. City officials promised the City Council they would get a letter of commitment from the FTA before beginning the A.R.T. project. Read more

The FTA has not yet given ABQ a commitment letter for A.R.T. funding. Mayor Berry claims being recommended in the budget "gives us a real level of certainty according to the experts". See more in the following June 01, 2016 interview.

Recently the FTA announced it is only recommending $50 Million for A.R.T. The city says not to worry -- they'll borrow the money. Watch June 28, 2016 Channel 13 story

The mayor claimed on July 1, 2016 that ABQ sill has a commitment from the federal government for $69 Million.

"When people get misleading and sometimes false information, they are understandably upset." - Mayor Berry

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