Why the concern about Route 66 history?

Route 66 may be the most famous roadway in the world, but why?

Route 66 was completed in 1926. It begins in Springfield, Illinois and ends in Santa Monica, California. It is a world famous road, worshiped as a symbol of freedom. People come from Asian and Eastern European countries just to be able to drive this freedom highway. Large portions of Route 66 were incorporated into Interstate 40. Some portions were bypassed by I-40, with the older segments called "Historic Route 66" under the supervision of the National Park Service. The Historic highway was decommissioned by NPS in 1985.

Albuquerque retains the longest intact segment of Historic Route 66. It is Central Avenue from Tramway Boulevard where I-40 splits off through Albuquerque to Atrisco Vista Blvd. NW where it continues as a frontage road West along I-40.

Who cares about Route 66?

The National Park Service.
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